Bowlskaters Welcome

Welcome back to the OG skaters, we missed you.

We're keen to see ladies, girls and even the bruised and battered street rats get copingside and into the bowl. Let's all enjoy the ride.

Bowlskaters are about inclusivity, style and the line to a grind. Tricks are nice, we can tap to that - flow is better, high speed smiles.

We're 100% skater owned and operated with roots tracing back to the darkest days of 80s UK skateboarding. This stuff is important. #thankyouskateboarding

See you copingside soon. Talk to us about vintage fashion, surf style and veedub restorations. Pet the vizsla (if you dare) and chat php cruise ships and parkour.


Our products are designed, sourced and produced with skaters in mind. Quality and longevity with an eye on style. Our designs come from our own team and extended skate family.

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Since the early 80s (when Variflex was a thing!) at a time in UK skateboarding that could only be described as the dark ages. Few parks and even the weather was worse back then(!).

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Positivity, inclusivity and progression - need help with getting in the bowl? Or having website troubles? - Let us help, if we have the skills, we'll share - that's our thing.

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Bowlskaters is an independent skateboard brand from the South Coast of the UK. AMA. We're about finding the line to a grind, with an eye on style.

Bowlskaters are inclusive, with an emphasis on style and progression. We think that ladies and girls could benefit a great deal from joining in with sessions at any bowl. There's no place for segregation when you're copingside.

Skater owned and operated, we draw our designs from our team and extended skater family. An eye on style remember, we know what to look for.

Based in Worthing, West Sussex on the South Coast of the UK, our merch and clothing products are made locally and sold to you at fair prices - with delivery to your door included. To be fair, the delivery will be through your door - which is preferable in most cases!

As well as buying direct, you can also buy Bowlskaters Product on eBay and on Amazon

Important notice about stickers: Yours are here, no charge - just msg us with your address and we'll send them right out!

In 1986

From Rural Leicestershire

In 2015

to Pig City - Brighton

A modern UK skatepark building programme is underway.

Peacehaven (above) is a combi-pool inspired mini/maxi bowl on the South Coast near Brighton. It just goes to vert and is scaled to be super fast and really fun. There's a roll-in (in case your drop-ins aren't up to scratch yet) and a community of older skaters.

Where is your nearest bowl?

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