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What is Bowlskaters?

Established in 2015 to get the word out that skateboarding can be far more than tre-flips, 10 sets and snapped boards. Encouraging the OG's to get back on it as well as inviting people of all ages to try it for the first time.

Beyond the ethos, we've been producing clothing and stickers and made them available for sale as well as supporting local events with prizes.

We have new park/bowl skate decks coming for spring/summer 2020.
Stay tuned, be involved.


Shoreham, Hollingdean, The Level and Lewes. Park and Bowl Skateboarding in Sussex and further afield across the South and South East of the UK. On concrete mostly (Alex from Wonk Unit might put it better), we'll take a nice indoor that isn't too slippery as well. The main thing is to get our carve on, finding the line to a grind, max style. Sussex skateboarding has style and flow.


Easy one, we offer wider boards with longer wheelbase sizes. A choice of wheelbase isn't always something that skate shops are able to provide. We think it's needed when you're skating bowls of all sizes - 'skateboarding' seems to have forgotten about this so we stepped in.

S.A.Q (seldom asked questions)

  • Strictly speaking it's the measurement from the centres of axle to axle. Truck design and geometry varies quite a lot now so it's also commonly the distance between the centres of the inner truck holes.

    Regular skate decks are 14in - 14.5in. Some sellers don't always detail this information in their product descriptions but I'm sure they would be happy to measure up if you get in contact about a particular board. Let us know how you get on!

    You can read more about wheelbase and why we think 15in wheelbase is the sweet spot on this MAS thread [possible NSFW].

  • It slows things down, by a tiny amount, but enough to notice.

    A deck with a lnger wheelbase provides a more stable platform on which to stand. Think of it as an a-frame. If your stance is slightly wider (feet further apart), moving your centre of gravity forwards and backwards becomes slightly easier, smoother, less twitchy. For bowl and transition skating, this translates into a more predictable and steady ride.

    A longer skateboard wheelbase will aid stability and lateral balance.

    It's the usual advice for trying it out before you buy - find a friendly bowl skater and ask to try their board :)

  • Public archive of our photos and videos, you're welcome to join in too.

  • Yes! Just drop us an email, DM or find us out and about :)

  • Wowsers, that'll be a whole article to itself - check back soon. In the meantime, two basic concepts. Firstly, when you drop-in, find a wall as soon as possible. This might mean adjusting where you drop-in from or swerving as soon as you are on the flat.

    Either way, getting up the transition by carrying as much of the energy and momentum generated by your drop-in as possible will allow you to maximise speed in the bowl.

    Secondly, your pump. We think the clue is in the name. Imagine a bicycle pump, air is drawn in as you pull the handle. Once the chamber is full, you push it out and into the tyre. Did you ever notice that doing it really fast doesn't help? Smoothly, at a constant speed inflates a tyre more quickly than thrashing at it at 120fps.

    When applied to skating a bowl, your legs (specifically thighs and knees) are the pump and the amount of height you wish to gain is the flat tyre. Drop-in, aim for a wall, as you start to gain height on the transition - bend your knees slowly and smoothly (this is like drawing air into the bike pump). On bigger and steeper bowls and ramps, you might be crouched all the way down as you get to the top. As you reach as high as gravity will allow, start your turn (kickturn or carve) and spot your exit. Just as you begin to go down the wall - check your lateral balance and then 'stand up' out of your crouched or bent-knee stance.

    Do it slowly and smoothly, you'll soon be able to feel where is best to 'pull' and where to 'push'.

    TLDR; Don't flap your arms. Ben ze knees.

  • In our UK skateboarding community marketplace (still in development Jan 2020, eta Feb 2020 - definitely, probably).

  • We're not against it, crack on - enjoy yourselves. For some, it's boring, repetitive and more often than not it's wholly unoriginal. We'll stick with it for the messaging and (until we write our own) it's a great way to arrange skate sessions but the pursuit of a number or a little red blob gets old real quick.

  • Sign the petition at

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Longform podcast with skater level production values. If you like to listen to skaters talking about skateboarding (if you never have, give it a try) then this is the go-to channel. Again, the hosts and sponsors are all quite new-school and kickflippy but they have an obvious appreciation and love for the roots and history of skating, and massive respect for the OGs.

Everything (photos/videos/stories) I've got on:

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