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Battle of Hastings 2017

11th March - TN34 1JL - 01424 238360

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All the OG skaters out there*, yes - you! Did you miss out in the 80s and 90s? Check the parks and bowls we have now, come and get stuck in. All welcome.

* Bowl skating is low impact, dial up the gnar when you're ready.

Mums and Dads - On dry Sunday mornings, you'll often find a group of grown-up skaters enjoying the bowl at your local skatepark. Just like you or I, they've regained a passion long forgotten. Inclusivity is the order of the day, skills are honed and all abilities are encouraged and tested. Padded and helmeted, skating bowls is as safe as ballet!*

* Please note that Skateboarding has remained extremely difficult.

Summertime Shoreham Sun Sessions

Summertime Shoreham Sun Sessions.

Bowlskaters Skate Shoreham

Bertlemann turn on the bank

The skills that time forgot.

Bowlskaters Skate Bowls

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Bowlskaters Tees

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Invert, Peacehaven, UK

Bowlskaters, Sussex, UK

Bowlskaters stickers are free, we'll send you one to stick and one for the box. Drop us a message and we'll send yours out.

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